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treble viols

Our trebles are based on a treble viol by Henry Jaye (Southwark, England, ca. 1629). Even though small in size (only ca. 73cm long, string length ca. 37cm) it has a very strong sound.
The Maestro-model (see photo on the right) has a fine spruce top and a body made from flamed maple and pegs made from european boxwood. It has very nice details like an inlay in the bottom, a fine broken scroll, detailed fingerboard and tail piece. The viol has 6 gut strings by Pirastro (available from violin makers and music shops all over the world) as well as 7 gut frets.
The student-model (see photo on the left) is made from simpler maple and has a reduced decoration: simple boxwood pegs, less decorated finger board and tail piece, simple scroll, no rosette. In brief: A complete musical instrument with reduced decoration, ideal for beginners and intermediates!
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