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soft & hard cases
For all viols offered in this homepage we stock gig-bags and hard cases!

All gig-bags are made from solid backpack fabrics and provide a separate pocket for the bow (treble gig-bag with a removable tube to protect the bow), backpack-straps, handle and a separate pocket for accessories. The gig-bags are designed that way, that the zip can’t scratch the surface of the instrument. We offer gig-bags for viols in other sizes as well (at least 10 different sizes in stock at the moment!). If you’re searching for a gig bag for your instrument, please don’t hesitate to contact us. In case we can’t offer a fitting bag immediately we’ll do our best to supply you with a bag made to your dimensions!

The hard cases are light fiber-glass reinforced hard cases with a scratch resistant surface. They close tight and come with backpack straps.

At the moment we this homepage is under reconstruction due to the many changes we have to face. We'll add photos of these cases in the near future.

Thanks very much for your patience!

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