student bow, round stick, brazil wood, made in Germany
                              EUR 198,



student bow, pernambuco stick, figured snakewood frog, made in Germany
D - A - TB
                        EUR 249,-



viol bow, pernambuco stick, good value for money
                        EUR 229,-



viol bow, round brazilwood stick, ebony frog,
A - TB
                        EUR 189,-



viol bow, round pernambuco stick, stained, ebony frog
A - TB
                        EUR 229,-



viol bow, round pernambuco stick, figured snakewood frog, light, especially for treble and pardessus viols (from ca. 40g)
                       EUR 398,-´



viol bow, selected octagonal pernambuco stick, figured snakewood frog, our recommendation!
A - TB
EUR 398,-



viol bow,
selected simple snakewood stick, octagonal, figured snakewood frog
                        EUR 498,-


D - A - TB gives an idea for which instruments these bows are recommended (Descant (=treble) - Alto (=tenor))- Tenor-Bass).

Bows are very complex “tools”: They have to be hard enough to stand the tension of the hair and flexible enough to allow smooth and convenient dynamic playing. Therefor only a little number of timbers in selected qualities can be used for bow making:

Brazilwood is normally used for student bows. It’s rather stiff but the ideal choice for beginners.
Pernambuco is very common in bow making. It is elastic and perfect for light to heavy bows.
Snakewood has a higher density than pernambuco. Therefor it can be used very well for heavy bows as these can be made thinner and more elegant than pernambuco bows with the same weight. Simple snakewood nearly looks the same as pernambuco but has the same physical characteristic as figured snakewood - and it is much cheaper than figured snakewood!

All prices incl. 19% German VAT excl. p&p!