Alto Maestro & Student viols


after John Rose (London. ca. 1604) - the instrument can actually found in the Paris Conservatoire. It is 98cm long over all and has a string length of 52cm.

The Maestro-Model (on the right) is mad from flamed maple, the top from fine spruce. Neck, fingerboard and tail piece are also made from maple, fingerboard and tail piece with a decorative frame from contrasting timbers. It has a broken scroll and a decorative rosette as well as an inlay on the back. 

The student-model is made from less decorative timbers (plain or unregular flamed maple) and has a reduced decoration (simpler scroll, tail piece and finger board less decorated). Like the Maestro-Model the student-model has pegs from european boxwood.

Both instruments have gut frets as well as gut strings made by Pirastro - these strings are available worldwide. And - of course - from us!

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